Finding the Best Hosting Package for You

Choices, choices! Here, following a simple series of steps, you can work out exactly what's best for you.

No one except you will read your answers, so you can be completely up-front.

1You need a Domain Name

You need a domain name—like—to have a Web site to host.

 I have already registered a domain name
 I need to register a new domain name

If you haven't yet checked the availability of suitable domain names, you can check their availability now. (And then come back here.)

2You need a Hosting Plan

Now you can work out what you want from your Web site.

A. How many people do you expect to visit your website each month?

 Fewer than 50
 50 - 250
 250 - 1,000
 More than 1,000

B. How many separate Web pages do you expect to upload to your website?

 One or two
 Under 25
 25 - 100
 More than 100

C. How many of the following special features are important to you?

 Having information available to visitors
 Branded e-mail address(es)
 A content management system, like Joomla! or Drupal
 A large number of photos
 A range of images
 A blog (e.g., Wordpress) / regular new content
 A guest book
 E-mail lists
 Subdomains, so I can partition my site
 File / photo / video upload
 FTP accounts
 Databases, in which I can keep permanent and changing information
 A forum
 A chat room
 Online ordering / a shopping cart

1You may need additional services

A. How do want your Web pages designed?

 I will design them myself, or commission a designer
 I would like them designed by a Web Costa Blanca designer (subject to my approval)
 I'll decide this later

B. How will you optimise your Web site to get visitors from search engines (such as Google)?

 I will take care of this myself, or use an agency
 I would like this sorted by Web Costa Blanca
 I'll decide this later

C. Do you want a contact form, RSS feeds, a customised shopping cart, an order form, an application form, a search box, online credit card processing, traffic analysis or any other form of processing on your site?

 No, I don't need anything like this
 I will organise this myself
 I would like Web Costa Blanca to take my order and give me an quote
 I'll decide this later

D. How do you want your site updated, once it is up and running?

 It will be finished once it is up
 I will update it myself, or myself arrange for updating
 I would like Web Costa Blanca to look after all updating, for a flat fee
 I'll decide this later

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