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Please note: all e-mail addresses on this page are scrambled, to keep them from becoming the object of spam. (Malicious programs continuously trawl the Web, looking for e-mail addresses).

But you—and any human visitor—can simply click on the links to send us an e-mail. You can also read the full e-mail address on the status line, or (in some browsers) in a tool tip. (So, if you'd like to keep them handy, you can copy the details to paper—or, by right-clicking on the link, you can copy it to an electronic address book.)

E-mail contact for prospective clients
Order and invoice contact for current clients
Webmaster telephone number (for current clients only,
normally available 9AM to 9PM)
 Released to you by e-mail when you sign up
Postal address:
 Web Costa Blanca
 Partida La Empedrola, 11-L
 03710 Calpe

Support (for current clients)

Please —or telephone him, if you need something urgently.

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