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Web hosting plans for you

We offer a range of Web packages based on simple hosting plans. In this section of our site, you can look at each of our basic plans. There are a number of ways in which we stand out from the competition—in the first place, by being so affordable.

You will pay for a year at a time. All packages are renewable, and may be upgraded at any time.

Pick your own hosting plan—from four tailor-made options

We offer four different hosting plans: a ‘Business-Card Plan’, a ‘Basic Plan’, an ‘Enhanced Plan’ and a ‘Premium Plan’.

There is a suitable Web Costa Blanca package for:

Just decide the hosting plan that attracts you, and the additional Web services you would like.

Why pick Web Costa Blanca to host your Web site?
  1. We care: we put our clients first and support them from day one.
  2. We know what we are doing: we have years of professional experience.
  3. We are inventive: we will come up with dozens of effective ideas for your site.
  4. (A bonus for many of our clients) We are here: on the Costa Blanca.

In a word, Web Costa Blanca is the best hosting provider you could hope for.

Have a look now at one of our hosting plans: our ‘Business-Card Plan’, our ‘Basic Plan’, our ‘Enhanced Plan’ or our ‘Premium Plan’.

Our hosting data centre
For the technically-minded

All Web Costa Blanca sites are hosted on servers running Apache webserver software, using the Linux operating system—a configuration which is a Web hosting classic. The computers are connected to the Internet via a highly redundant network with multiple Gigabit backbones having multiple peering with other networks.

To send data to and receive it from the disc drives at maximum speed, the servers use Intel Xeon processors and have unmetered bandwidth (10 Mbit, 100 Mbit and 1 Gbit).

The computers are located in a state-of-the-art data centre in Maidenhead, Berkshire. (See picture.)

If you still have some questions, why not check our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page? or for an answer.

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