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Hosting Your Site

QuestionHow do I get a site of my own?
QuestionWhat's a domain name?
QuestionWhy do I need my own domain name?
QuestionHow can I check if a domain name is available?


On this Web site we give you clear and simple answers to questions. If you want to go into the issues in more depth, what's better than a book?

You can find books, here on the Costa Blanca, in the librería europa in Calpe, run by Gil, who sells books in four languages—and speaks them all himself. He also has a fast ordering service, so you can quickly get hold of a specialised Web book.

You can visit the bookshop Web site. Or if you know what you are looking for, e-mail the bookshop now.

QuestionWhy do I need a Web host?

Understanding Hosting Plans

QuestionWhat is ‘bandwidth’ (or ‘data transfer’)?
QuestionWhat's an FTP account?
QuestionWhat's an auto-responder?
QuestionWhat's an e-mail forwarder?
QuestionWhat's a spam filter?
QuestionWhat's a sub-domain?
QuestionWhat's a parked domain?

Web Costa Blanca Hosting

QuestionHow long will the whole thing take?
QuestionWhat about uploading Web pages, and images?
QuestionWhen do I have to renew my domain registration?
QuestionWhen do I have to renew my hosting plan?
QuestionWho are Web Costa Blanca?

If your question isn't here, and you would like to see the answer on a Web Costa Blanca page, please .

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