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Domain Registration
A Web domain name is something like ‘yourname.com’. We will register new Web domain names for you for £13.50 a year (UK clients) or €15.00 a year (Eurozone clients). However, if you sign up for one of our yearly web hosting plans, we will reduce this to £12.00 a year / €14.00 a year.

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.uk (Nominet) Registration
All .co.uk domain names are managed by Nominet. It insists on two-year registrations. We will register new Web domain names for you for £27.00 for the two years (UK clients) or €30.00 (Eurozone clients). However, once again we will reduce this: to £24.00 / €30.00 for the two years, if you sign up for one of our yearly web hosting plans.

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Search Engine Optimisation
There are a number of ways in which you can make sure that your site comes high in search engine rankings. We will offer advice on the content and organisation of your text. We will analyse your title and meta tags—and add our own suggestions. We will advise you on important issues such as file naming, links and back links. We will make necessary adjustments to your .htaccess file. We will create a robots.txt file for you, and program you a Google site map. We will enter your site in the critical Web directories, and submit it to all major search engines. Fee: £90.00 / €100.00
2023 - 2024: we offer this as a FREE BONUS SERVICE, if you take out an annual subscription to our Webmaster Services (see below).
(If you want to try your own hand at this, it may not be your best move to take the word of your knowing friend or whizkid nephew. The chances are they will feed you urban myths. Instead, have a look at our webmaster's classic article on search engine optimisation.)
Quality Web services
Web Design/Web Graphics
Projecting a single powerful visual image is essential. You may well be at home with HTML and graphic design, or prefer to hire your own designer.
You may also like us to design some or all of your site for you, using cutting-edge tools (Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro…) and the latest technologies (HTML 5, CSS 3, a range of JavaScript libraries…). Since 2012 we have begun to concentrate on “responsive design”, making your Web site work on mobile phones and tablets as well as on computers.
We will integrate with your existing media—your logos, your branded colours, your business cards, your stationery, your leaflets, your publicity material… We will present sketches for your approval, and we will not invoice you until you are completely satisfied with the outcome. Fee (negotiable): around £180.00 / €200.00 per master page, £40.00 / €50.00 per page created from master.
We will also create sophisticated animations and Web graphics for existing sites.

Programming/Scripting Services
You may be at home with server-side scripting. You may also prefer us to create online forms for you, and carry out other necessary programming tasks. We program in Perl and PHP, using MySQL for databases. Fee (negotiable): around £60.00 / €75.00 per scripted “page”. (It may be invisible to the visitor.)

Custom Error Pages
Visitors may make mistakes on your Web site, such as calling up a page that isn't there. Besides helping out visitors in a friendly way, you can use this situation to get them to visit particular pages. There are 5 standard error situations, for which you can access customisable error pages through your personal control panel. You may be happy writing your own HTML, or you may prefer us to write these 5 pages for you, to your instructions. Fee: £25.00 / €30.00.

Webmaster Services
You may well want to manage your Web site on your own. Or you may prefer to call on the services of a professional webmaster. We can carry out day-to-day tuning: change parts of your site you want changed, add things when you get new ideas, rewrite paragraphs, recode scripts to do additional jobs, put in new images or take out the old, and in general keep your site absolutely up-to-date. If you take out an annual subscription before our current offer ends, we will also keep your site optimised for search engines. Fee: £150.00 / €180.00 a year.

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Writing Services
Writing for the Web is different. You may well want to write all your own text—or you can get professional assistance. We will produce Web-optimised text for you—from your drafts, from your briefing, or even from a set of research leads. Fee (negotiable): around £3.00 / €4.00 per 100 words.

Editing Services
We will check your text for errors which may dent your professional image. We will suggest rewordings which will make your message clearer or heighten its impact. Fee (negotiable): around £1.50 / €2.00 per 100 words.

Google Advertising Services
You can make money from your site through Google's AdWords and AdSense. AdWords is Google's ad-selling system, through which advertisers pay money to advertise on Google itself, or on individual Web sites. AdSense is Google's ad-placing program. It is the program that puts ads on your Web site. We show you how to sign up for these programs, and how to make good use of them. Fee: £36.00 / €40.00 for each consultation. (A consultation can last up to an hour.)

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Remember: you pay for your Web hosting package, domain registration and webmaster services in advance, but we will invoice you after the event for any other Web services you request.

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